About Naviate

A set of keys

Digitalisation has changed many industries at a fundamental level and the building industry is no exception. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift with innovations and new technologies, and the implementation of digital workflows is accelerating. With these changes comes the opportunity to work more efficiently and handle tasks at a higher pace, still delivering the same, if not higher, quality.

One of our contributions to the building and infrastructure industry is Naviate - a product portfolio of add-on software for Revit and Civil 3D from Autodesk.

The fundamental building block of Naviate is, and always has been, to create solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Naviate started small, but has grown to encompass 15 different solutions geared towards the needs of different segments in the building and infrastructure industry.

The add-ons include features that help productivity, documentation, collaboration, managing projects. Standards are built-in and everything is preconfigured to accelerate project documentation and optimise working methods, enhancing the users entire BIM workflow.

We believe that efficiency is a key factor in achieving success, securing business operations and solving the challenges of our time. By providing optimal preconditions for digital development, the Naviate portfolio is designed to make a difference to both your business and the future.

Solution by Symetri

Naviate is a solution by Symetri Europe, part of Addnode Group. At Symetri we work with you to tailor digital BIM, product design and lifecycle solutions to help you work smarter and do more with less. Our experience makes it possible to keep things simple, personal and accessible. That’s why our partnerships are long lasting.

The development of Naviate is the responsibility of Symetri Technology Unit with the mission to secure high customer satisfaction and to ensure Symetri Technology brings outstanding customer value to all end users.

Product development based on customer needs and feedback
Every year we meet with users in reference user group meetings, where we discuss their requirements and needs from the Naviate portfolio.

They have direct access to our software developers, and we work together to find the best solutions to their problems. In these reference groups industry players such as Sweco, Tengbom and Ramböll participate.

Beyond the reference group meetings, we get user feedback through our ideation platform. Here all users can leave comments and suggestions for improvements and new features. This is how we can ensure that we develop our solutions to fit the needs of our users. It is a core value for us: Naviate is a collaboration with the industry and made by professionals, for professionals.

Would you like to share your needs and wishes, please send us your input on info@naviate.com